Borgo Ferri and its past generations  

Barbara Ferri


Baronial Palace Ferri - Lenarciak




Borgo Ferri, a family-owned estate, resides in the province of Catanzaro in the ancient Calabria region.

The traditions of Calabria are kept alive at the Bourg. Over time, the overwhelming old-world values of a simple rural community have become an indelible part of Borgo Ferri. After all, the history of the Calabria region is nothing but remarkable. Calabria is the land of an ancient Mediterranean civilization from which the whole Italian peninsula gets its name. Calabria was originally called Italy in honor of its king, Italo. Countless legacies from different eras, fundamental to the culture and history of the whole European continent, are preserved in museums all over the region; other signs of this great civilization can also be found in the excavations of Sibari, Roccella, and Locri. The Romans, Goths, Longobards, Byzantines, Normans, Swabians, Angioins, Aragonese and Borbons have all left highly relevant cultural artifacts in the land of Calabria, allowing visitors to go on historic journeys to view a bygone era. Scientists and philosophers nurtured their theories in Calabria: after countless travels throughout the most prestigious civilizations of his time, Pythagoras decided to settle in Crotone, one of the most prestigious cities of Calabria.

Owned by Ferri for generations, the Borgo Ferri estate has completed a remarkable renaissance thanks to the dedication of Barbara Ferri and her husband Alfred Lenarciak. The Bourg has been restored as a refuge for discerning individuals who want to enjoy unparalleled confort in a pristine, yet unpretencious environment.