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Santa Caterina Ionio

Historic Center





Borgo Ferri is located on the shore of the Ionian Sea in the village of Santa Caterina Ionio. There are 3000 residents in Santa Caterina and the village is geographically divided into two parts: Santa Caterina Ionio Marina and Santa Caterina Ionio superior. Santa Caterina Ionio marina is bordered by eight kilometers of sandy beaches and crystal clear water while the antiquated Santa Caterina Ionio superior is located approximately 600 meters above sea level and is surrounded by olive plantations and vineyards.

The populace of Santa Caterina Ionio reflects a warm and friendly Mediterranean hospitality. People are polite and are used to welcoming visitors from all over the world on a year-round basis, especially during the summer time.

The village provides all the necessary facilities and services for modern-day living. It has a bank, grocery stores, supermarkets, two gas stations, several restaurants, bars, medical clinics, dental clinics, legal and notarial services, two schools, five churches, many different stores, and a train and bus service that provides direct transportation to the airport, to Rome, and to other major Italian cities.

Located close to Santa Caterina Ionio, just 12 kilometers away, is the city of Soverato, which is well known as the “Pearl of the Ionian Sea”; it is a very popular summer vacation site and has 50,000 residents. Soverato offers all the facilities of a medium-sized city.

The region’s capital, Catanzaro, is 40 kilometers away from Santa Caterina and has a population of 150,000 residents. The international airport of Lamezia Terme (SUF) is located 50 kilometers away from Santa Caterina.